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Emergency tree work

Removing storm damaged trees

Sometimes even the healthiest trees can fail in extreme weather events.  It’s obviously not ideal but if it happens you need to make sure you call our team of expert tree surgeons to ensure the safe removal of the failed tree.  When a tree has fallen suddenly into a building or over a road it can be an extremely hazardous task to remove with lots of wood under tension and compression it has to be cut correctly to ensure operator safety and to not cause any further damage to property from careless removal.   


We have the experience and skill to undertake the safe and efficient removal of storm damaged trees in Edinburgh, West Lothian, Fife and beyond.   

Storm damaged tree

24/7 tree work call out

We can respond to emergency tree work at any time.  Whether it’s to remove an imminent risk to persons or property or an already fallen tree or tree part blocking your driveway, we are available to respond 24/7 to get the job done.  We are highly trained and equipped to work in difficult weather conditions day or night. 


If you have a tree posing a risk or an already fallen tree and you are located in a conservation area or the tree has a statutory protection order (Tree Preservation Order)  the tree will be exempt if the tree poses an imminent risk to persons or property.  To avoid unnecessary back and forth with the local authority we will provide sufficient evidence of risk prior to commencement of work to ensure the local authority are satisfied that the right course of action was taken to remove the tree or tree parts.

Storm damaged tree

Emergency tree removal 

Can TreeTonic remove overgrown hedges?

This tree had partially failed suddenly during high winds and was hanging precariously over the railway below.  We used an adjacent Pine to access the tree and winch the branches back into the garden for chipping.

Tree risk management

If you are worried about other trees on your property following a recent storm event or if you are worried about how your trees may stand up in a storm, get in touch with our expert team of tree surveyors in Edinburgh for advice. We can provide written reports and recommendations. 


Perhaps you would like to plant trees in your garden but would like some smaller trees that are low maintenance and less risk, have a look at a list of some of our favourite trees. 


'We hired TreeTonic to remove trees and stumps prior to building extension works at a popular Hotel in Edinburgh. Greg and the TreeTonic team were very professional throughout the contract and completed the agreed works ahead of schedule and undertook additional work at no added cost.  Greg was clear and transparent throughout the contract and informed our site manager of his teams progress on a daily basis. TreeTonic showed great skill and experience in their work when dealing with some difficult trees which were overhanging buildings and utilities. We wouldn't hesitate to use TreeTonic again for future projects.’


G.Gibb, Marshall Construction

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