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Tree removal

No room in your garden for tree felling?

No problem for our expert tree surgeons.  We are highly trained and insured to climb and dismantle trees piece by piece and are have experience of dealing with trees in small or awkward spaces. 

Tree dismantling

Removing trees from awkward spaces

We access the tree using a rope and harness, carefully select and tie into a suitable anchor point and use aerial chainsaw cutting to safely cut off branches avoiding damage to buildings and obstacles below.  If there are unmovable and unavoidable objects under the tree such as buildings, phone lines, fences, neighbouring property or mono block driveways we use another rope to safely lower branches to the ground slowly.

Case study

On this recent tree removal in East Lothian we accessed the tree using rope and harness and chipped all the branches and removed most of the wood, our client kept the rest of the timber for burning as firewood.


In some circumstances trees can be left to grow in extremely complex places such as this recent Eucalyptus tree removal in Edinburgh. This particular project in Edinburgh was causing our client concern as it was growing over 3 gardens, blocking light and becoming too big for the garden.

Tree work on cherry picker


'The TreeTonic Team were professional approachable, polite, punctual and reliable.  They worked so hard to finish the job.  To watch Greg working at such great height, lowering the branches between the phone lines in limited space with such precision was a masterclass.  Not only my garden, but the three others where debris landed was tidied and all rubbish cleared away.  It was a big tree so there was a lot to clear away! My neighbours and myself are delighted with the result.  Thank you.’


Margaret Reilly, Barnton

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