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Hedge trimming

We don’t just do work to trees we also trim and maintain hedges.  Hedges can play an important role in a built up place such as Edinburgh to give you privacy and provide noise abatement, they are also great havens for wildlife.  It is important to keep them maintained correctly.  For some hedges a routine trim is all that is required and our skilled team take immense pride in executing a good hedge cut and achieving a level hedge line is something we always ensure to achieve.  We understand that sometimes other things can take priority over hedge maintenance and it may have been a few years since your hedge was trimmed, our team is experienced in restoring lapsed hedges to help bring them back to their former glory and train lower growth to thicken out again.   

Hedge cutting

Hedge height reduction in Edinburgh

If you have decided that your hedge is too high we can do more than trim it, depending on the species, we can carry out a heavy reduction to reduce the height drastically.  This can allow more light into your garden, open up a view or to restore a lapsed hedge and help thicken out the lower parts of the hedge.

Please contact us for advice on how to manage your hedge as different species may need to be managed in different ways.  Some species are better trimmed during the dormant period and others during the summer.  Some may need 1 trim a year or some require 3 to keep them looking at their best.

Hedge removal

Edinburgh hedge removal 

Can TreeTonic remove overgrown hedges?

Perhaps your hedge has outgrown its position or has become too overbearing, maybe you have other plans for your garden space, whatever the reason, TreeTonic are hedge removal specialists and we are happy to help with your project. We are often asked to carry out hedge removal in Edinburgh and West Lothian as garden space can be at a premium and the idea of more space and less hedge maintenance is very appealing to some. 

Hedges can often look like they are simple to remove with minimal waste, however because they are often tightly bound together and intertwined, they can produce a surprising amount of waste and can be more complex to remove than they look.  For us this is no problem, we have powerful machinery to effortlessly break apart a hedge and remove the waste.  

We can also remove the stumps to allow you a blank canvass to work on, whether its to create a flower bed, build a new fence or perhaps to plant a different hedge more suited to the area we provide a stump grinding service in Edinburgh and beyond with our stump grinding equipment and we can also advise on replacement hedging plants.

Hedge stump removal in Edinburgh

Following hedge removal, rows of stumps are left behind and can look unsightly, this can also limit the use of the area going forward, luckily we can remove these stumps effortlessly by using our stump grinding machines.  Stump grinders allow for the removal of a stump without damaging anything around it unlike if using a machine to lever the stump out where roots may lift and damage a nearby wall or patio.

Digging, burning or using chemicals to remove or decay stumps can be a waste of time and energy particularly on larger stumps.  We have specialised stump removal machinery which is operated by our expert tree surgeons in Edinburgh who are both highly experienced and qualified.  Stump grinders have wheels which rotate at high speed with aggressive stump grinding teeth to chew out the stumps and churn up the soil which leaves a nice finish of organic mulch ready for the next step in your garden project. 


'We hired TreeTonic to remove trees and stumps prior to building extension works at a popular Hotel in Edinburgh. Greg and the TreeTonic team were very professional throughout the contract and completed the agreed works ahead of schedule and undertook additional work at no added cost.  Greg was clear and transparent throughout the contract and informed our site manager of his teams progress on a daily basis. TreeTonic showed great skill and experience in their work when dealing with some difficult trees which were overhanging buildings and utilities. We wouldn't hesitate to use TreeTonic again for future projects.’


G.Gibb, Marshall Construction

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