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Tree felling

What if a tree needs removed?

Sometimes the only solution for tree related issues may unfortunately be tree removal.  This can be for a variety of reasons such as outgrowing its position, the tree has become diseased, storm damaged trees, to allow more sunlight into an area or encroachment of roots.  Trees near buildings can also cause subsidence damage and may have to be removed. If the tree is in a tight spot with no room to fell our expert tree surgeons can climb and dismantle trees in small pieces.  

Tree felling in Edinburgh

Tree removal in Edinburgh

We can remove trees in many different ways to provide the most economical and efficient solution for our client.  Having worked as tree surgeons in Edinburgh for over a decade we have dealt with incredibly difficult access situations such as trees in rear tenement gardens, removing material through stairwells and through houses. 

No matter how difficult the access or situation our expert and experienced tree surgeons in Edinburgh will ensure you are in safe hands when you choose TreeTonic. We can remove trees by felling from ground level or if there is not enough space we can adopt sectional felling by climbing and dismantling, crane assisted removal or using work access platforms.  For trees growing over property, walls, greenhouses and other valuable objects we can lower sections to the ground to avoid causing any damage.  If your location is in a built up area we can arrange with the local authority to suspend parking so we can legally park our machinery without blocking your neighbours driveways or disrupting traffic.   

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Tree felling

The process of removing a tree

How do TreeTonic remove a tree?

We use directional felling cuts to direct the tree into the area we want the tree to fall into.  There are various cuts and techniques our expert tree surgeons use to achieve the desired direction we want to fell the tree into.  We also have heavy duty winches and machinery at our disposal to pull leaning trees over.  The picture below is an example of a standard directional felling cut 


We can remove the tree stump once we have felled your tree. We would also encourage you to plant a replacement tree where possible and can give help and advice on choosing a suitable replacement.

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Council planning requirements

Do I need permission to cut down a tree?

As with pruning trees if the tree is located within a conservation area or is covered by a tree preservation order an application may have to be made to the local planning authority to carry out tree removal works. In Edinburgh in particular large areas of the city is covered by conservation areas.  The application process can be a time consuming and complicated process, luckily we have completed many applications with a great success rate.  Sometimes the local authority will stipulate that a replacement tree would need to be planted.

Cutting Woods
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Tree Maintenance

Felling licence

Do I need get a felling licence to cut down a tree?

Before anyone can cut down trees, they may also need to get a felling licence from the Forestry Commission.  It is an offence to fell trees without a licence, where one would have been required. There are some exceptions that can apply such as:


  • felling trees in gardens, churchyards or a public open space

  • felling trees with a diameter less than 8cm at a height of 1.3m on the main stem

  • felling trees to prevent the spread of a quarantine pest or disease, as required under a Statutory Plant Health Notice

  • up to 5 cubic metres of timber (a stack of timber the size of a small car) may be felled each calendar quarter without a felling licence.


'The TreeTonic Team were professional approachable, polite, punctual and reliable.  They worked so hard to finish the job.  To watch Greg working at such great height, lowering the branches between the phone lines in limited space with such precision was a masterclass.  Not only my garden, but the three others where debris landed was tidied and all rubbish cleared away.  It was a big tree so there was a lot to clear away! My neighbours and myself are delighted with the result.  Thank you.’


Margaret Reilly, Barnton

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